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Team of Rowers at Sunset


Teams form the backbone of organizations, and creating ways for team members to collaborate and function effectively is essential. Our seasoned practitioners are adept at navigating group dynamics and facilitating all team development sessions that produce achievable outcomes and goals. We also appreciate that taking teams offline for any period of time needs to produce a significant ROI, so our team development formats are customizable and designed to maximize the time invested. The end result is sustainable, transformational change across all team members.

(2-3 separate, consecutive events)

This service is ideal for newly formed or restructured teams or those working with new leadership. With the entire team present, we guide members through conversations and activities designed to:

  • Assess the team’s current strengths and development opportunities

  • Articulate team purpose and shared goals

  • Identify behaviors that will help/hinder achieving that purpose

  • Align the team to organizational expectations

  • Define or redefine the team’s mission

  • Help team understand its place in the overall organization


At the end of the process, participants have a deeper understanding of and appreciation for team dynamics, within their own group as well as across their organization. We can also help teams create charters, strategic plans, and mission/vision/value statements to further guide and inspire them. This work is often connected to valuable models and frameworks created by the Extraordinary Teams Partnership, of which Todd Weinstein is an active member. 

(Ongoing; 12-26 weeks)

Team coaching starts by asking two questions:

What do we want to accomplish?
How can we accomplish this together?

The answers to these questions are just the beginning of the team coaching process, providing a target to focus on and an opportunity for an intact team to work together to achieve their defined objective. Unlike individual coaching, the team is the client here, so individual personalities, company culture and external demands are all factors that we consider. By building a foundation of trust, we create a respectful forum where opinions are heard and individual contributions are valued. Our work together also removes internal barriers and reveals unhelpful patterns that can hinder team success. Doing so helps to onboard skills and behaviors that allow the team to develop and learn together, celebrate their accomplishments, and create greater value for their organization and its stakeholders.

Contact us to optimize your team's purpose and potential. 

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