We build custom team solutions for small groups and leadership teams to address a variety of needs, challenges and objectives.
Leadership team offsites to strengthen team cohesion, development and performance (single or multi-day).


  • Connect your team to create stronger relationships.

  • Increase your team's productivity and effectiveness.

  • Diagnose obstacles currently holding your team back.

  • Build a high-performing/high-trust team.

Facilitated group sessions to clarify purpose and plan for future strategic direction.


  • Bring into sharper focus the true purpose your team exists.

  • Create a clear roadmap for future strategic change to take shape in your organization.

  • Identify guiding principles and behaviors that will differentiate your team.

  • Involve key stakeholders to gather valuable insights and integrate into your plan.

Intact team workshops to enhance key areas of competence, confidence, and skill.


  • Enhance mindset, response and reaction to ambiguity, change, and challenge.

  • Improve interpersonal behaviors and approach when communicating, developing, and influencing others. 

  • Increase capacity to innovate through thought, action, and decision-making.