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Todd Weinstein helps business leaders navigate complexity so they gain more awareness of what is working well, and more clarity about what is really getting in the way of what they want. 


After two decades of corporate experience “on the inside”, Todd became a certified executive coach at the world-renowned Hudson Institute of Coaching and accredited through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). He partners with senior leaders and teams across multiple industries to deliver extraordinary, long-lasting value. Prior to launching his practice, Todd’s work experience included multiple leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies as a Strategic HR Business Partner, after which he led the Leadership Development and Organizational Change functions. In addition to establishing and managing Gavia Partners, Todd is also the co-founder of ViaLeap, a talent development company that delivers coaching services in an exclusively virtual environment by leveraging proprietary technology.

Todd’s work is focused on bringing depth, purpose and sustainability to his clients so they develop their capacity for bringing both productivity and humanity into their work environments. In partnership with his clients, Todd delivers facilitated team and one-on-one dialogue, coaching, assessment, action-planning, and follow-up, which leads to deeper insights and greater outputs. In his words, “The teams I work with gain an increased sense of shared purpose and collective ownership. And because of that, work feels more meaningful.”

On a personal note, Todd enjoys yoga, cycling and hiking, and exploring the world through travel with his wife, Beth. At home, he's an independent film enthusiast, musician, and creator in the kitchen.

Meet Todd


People ask me all the time, “What’s a gavia?”  The term gavia (gāvia) comes from the Latin word meaning "diver". It’s also used in the classification for a loon, the bird in our company’s logo. Gavia has several meanings, and they all resonate with me personally and in the work I do.


First, it mirrors the approach we often take in life. It’s common, and easy, to observe things at the surface level, but from time to time it’s important to take a deep dive and explore further. In my practice, I strive to help people take this plunge - to nourish both their intellectual and emotional centers and discover the best path toward desired change. Second, the loon connects to my Canadian heritage. I grew up in Vancouver, BC and the "loonie" is the symbol found on the Canadian $1 dollar coin. Finally, North American indigenous peoples such as the Haida feature the loon on their animal totems. In many of these cultures, totems act as spirit guides – teaching, guiding, and sometimes protecting. One legend I particularly like says that to see a loon is a symbol of a dream come true or an answered wish.



The results of the work we do will be evident and visible to many, but the work itself is deeply personal. We are successful only when mutual trust is present, which is why every client who enters into a partnership with us can expect that we will:

Create an adaptable, flexible approach that makes room for the unexpected, combined with just enough structure as we work side-by-side.

Keep an open, curious mindset and ask thoughtful questions rather than assume we’ve seen the same issue before.

Provide honest, transparent perspectives and opinions delivered directly and with respect.

Hold a safe, confidential place to speak openly, keeping conversations private even while operating within an organization.

Ensure positive, long-lasting results are realized when our process and sufficient client effort is applied.

Utilize a holistic, systemic approach that proves the direct correlation between strong leaders, healthy work environments and successful businesses.

Client Commitments


At Gavia Partners, helping people reach new levels of success is at the core of our business. We believe that success is achieved through a genuine commitment to providing an inclusive, respectful, and belonging experience for all. Our company’s culture and business practices have been established with the explicit purpose of empowering individuals and celebrating their unique talents and lived experiences. We hold ourselves accountable for calling out behaviors and words that legitimize bias, hate, and oppression whenever and wherever we encounter them. Where we fall short, we will educate ourselves, circle back and make it right. We know there is always room for us to grow and improve, so we are committed to listen, to learn, and to do better. Every single day.

DEI Commitments
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