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Each client’s goals and meaningful growth are the primary focus of our coaching process. With this in mind, we begin by identifying individual strengths, capabilities, and opportunities through their eyes, and those of their stakeholders. Then, we work together to create practical action steps that advance their success. The coaching process involves deep exploration of professional and personal development areas so coach-client chemistry is important. That’s why we set clear expectations and create a welcoming space where meaningful, transparent dialogue can happen. In doing so, individuals and teams reach new levels of achievement that benefit them personally as well as support their organization’s culture and business outcomes.


Our Founder and Principal, Todd Weinstein, has a coaching style that is described as insightful, professional, empathetic and committed. From this place, he draws on his intuition and his extensive experience working with Fortune 500 organizations. He also uses a proven process informed by the Hudson Institute of Coaching, which involves five key areas of focus:

Assess coaching readiness, review success conditions, and agree on the way client and coach work together.

Establish Coaching Contract


Understand where client is now and where he/she wants to be in 6-12 months, conduct interviews to reveal complete client story and fully develop goals for coaching.

Current Situation, Inspired Future


Identify client’s strengths and obstacles, then focus on mindset shifts to build new behaviors for maximum impact.



Deliver intensive coaching that maps to client’s specific goals, with course correction as needed; provide periodic progress check-ins with stakeholders.



Measure effectiveness by asking and answering, “How far did we come?”, then create a long-range sustainability plan for client’s ongoing success.

Conclude Coaching Engagement


This methodology follows a prescribed process but the work itself is as dynamic and unique as the individuals we coach. Our measures of success at the end of the engagement are clients who are inspired to do the work, are open to continued learning and self-reflection, and embrace healthy curiosity.

We are committed to helping our clients succeed by focusing on four key elements for every engagement:

Elements of Client Success

Create a clear, focused development plan that truly captures “the shift" - where client wants to go as a leader and what that means for them, their team(s), and their organization/ business outcomes.


Build and maintain a coach/client relationship that is honest, transparent and trusting.


Achieve meaningful and measurable results that align with coaching plan.


Celebrate real, long-lasting change that shows client is capable of making great strides to reach their true potential.



Who is a good fit for the coaching work we do? The short answer is high-potential professionals who are willing to work hard and dig deep. Beyond that, we have had great success with emerging and mid- to senior-level leaders who hold positions in a wide range of industries and sectors [link to client list]. Typically, individuals come to us because they are looking to build or deepen their acumen in one or more of the following areas:

Executive Presence – create compelling messages; develop influence through clear communication; build confidence and a strong, approachable presence.

Strategic Thinking – develop the ability to access innovative and creative thinking and apply it to establish strategies and a vision for one’s organization.

Leading Change – understand the impact of change; manage resistance; lead through transition; enable successful change within an organization.

Interpersonal Skills – create influence through relationships; improve interactions with others; navigate internal politics with diplomacy; nurture organization savvy; enable technical-to-interpersonal shifts.

Leadership Vision & Values – establish authenticity; access emotional intelligence.

When we focus our work together in these critical areas, we help clients accelerate their growth, level up their performance, and prime them for ongoing success in their leadership journey.

Want to learn more about executive coaching? Download our Leadership Coaching Brief:

"I did not expect that I would see positive results so quickly. After the first couple of sessions and through the use of some of Todd's methods, we were able to uncover some very specific things that I could implement fairly quickly."
"Todd is an amazing coach. He pushed and challenged me when I needed it, he stepped back and empathized when I needed it, and he gave me tools to use post-coaching that I know I will be using."
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