With the client's needs in mind, we deliver engaging, interactive, customized solutions. Below are some of the most requested solutions from past clients. 
From Intent to Impact: Influencing Others

Participants leave with:

  • A better sense of how to build, re-build, and enhance credibility. 

  • A step-by-step process on how to create a more influential dialogue. 

  • An opportunity to demonstrate presence to increase influence skills. 

  • Activities, tools and resources to support the learning experience. 

  • Customizable case studies available.


Adopting a Coaching Mindset: Enhancing Performance, Development, and Connection

Participants leave with:

  • A clear, concise definition of what coaching and feedback are and can provide to others. 

  • A clear, step-by-step process for coaching others. 

  • Practical coaching questions to use in a variety of situations. 

  • What to consider in the ideal “coachee.” 

  • Strategies for adapting current challenges into productive coaching dialogues.


Expansive Thinking: Strategies to Drive Innovation, Creativity, and Better Group Decisions

Participants leave with:

  • An understanding of the different forms of innovation.

  • A greater awareness of how to approach large problems and decisions in groups. 

  • Exposure to an applied, proven approach to maximize critical thinking and effective decisions. 

  • Customizable activities for a specific group’s need available.

Personality and Effective Communication

Participants leave with:

  • A customized personality assessment (Myers Briggs - MBTI) and helpful tools and resources.

  • Greater self-insight about one’s preferences when processing information, making decisions, and interacting with others. 

  • An improved ability to understand and work with others and leverage the diversity within a group or groups.


Please contact us to discuss additional topics as well as custom workshop designs that may be right for your organization.

“Todd’s workshop on Influence skills was interactive and effective. He weaves real life stories and it was obvious that he took the time to get to know our organization in order to include relevant examples for our group. We look forward to working with Todd for future workshops.”

Jake Adams
Chief Development Officer
Southwest Human Development