Drawing on extensive experience in leadership development, talent management, organizational change, and human resources, Gavia Partners inspires high-performing leaders and teams to realize and execute on their business priorities and goals.

Todd Weinstein is an experienced leadership coach and facilitator who brings a sense of challenge, empathy and creative curiosity to help leaders and their teams focus on the critical areas that will significantly accelerate growth and performance.

Todd is a certified executive coach with experience as an HR professional, leadership consultant and strategic business partner.  Todd has been an advisor, coach, mentor or facilitator to hundreds of leaders at all levels and with diverse and global teams. His coaching is based on rigorous training at the world-renowned Hudson Institute of Coaching and accredited through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


Todd’s work experience includes his current work as a leadership coach, group facilitator and consultant.  Prior to this, Todd held multiple leadership roles in corporate Human Resources across multiple industries.  These roles included leading the Leadership Development, Talent Development and Organizational Change functions at PetSmart, and prior as a Strategic HR Business Partner at Expedia. 


In partnership with his clients, Todd delivers extraordinary value through facilitated team and one-on-one dialogue, coaching, assessment, action-planning, and follow-up. Todd coaches mid- to senior-level leaders who are ready for the next challenge but require focus in one or two critical areas that will significantly accelerate their growth and performance to achieve scalable, sustainable results. He uses a proven process and his style is described by his clients as insightful, professional, empathetic and committed. 


Todd is certified in Myers Briggs (MBTI), the Leadership Versatility Index® 360, and Situational Leadership II®, holds a Bachelors in Sociology and a Masters in Hospitality Management/Organizational Development. On a personal note, he is an avid trail cyclist, independent film and global travel enthusiast, musician, and enjoys creative time in the kitchen with his wife, Beth. 



I get this question all the time.  


The term Gavia (gāvia) is taken from the Latin meaning "diver" and is used in the classification for the bird, the loon, seen in our logo. This had several meanings: first, it mirrors the approach we often take in life – observing things at the surface level, but periodically needing to dive in deeper to explore things further from time to time. Second, for my practice, I strive to help people take this plunge in an effort to nourish both their intellect and emotional centers and discover how to choose the best path toward desired change. Finally, the loon connects to my Canadian heritage (I grew up in Vancouver, BC); as many may know, the "loonie" is the symbol found on the Canadian $1 dollar coin.  


Interestingly, North American indigenous peoples such as the Haida of the Pacific Northwest feature the loon on animal totems. In many of these cultures, totems act as spirit guides walking through life with them, teaching, guiding, and sometimes protecting them. One legend says that to see a loon is a symbol of a dream come true or an answered wish. And I liked that metaphor, too.


  • An adaptable and flexible approach with “just enough” structure to ensure that we work side-by-side and allow and plan for the unexpected. 

  • An open, curious mindset to ask good questions and not assume we’ve seen the same issue before even if it appears that way on the surface.

  • An honest, transparent perspective and opinion when asked about what we’re noticing, delivered directly and with respect.

  • A safe, confidential place to speak openly with the trust that our conversations remain private, even while operating within an organization.

  • Positive, long-lasting results when our process and sufficient client effort is applied.

  • A holistic, systemic approach that proves the direct correlation between strong leaders, healthy work environments and successful businesses.



We seek to partner with leaders and their teams to dive deeper for insights, and realize greater outputs through lasting, positive change.

“I believe in building personal connections and long-term relationships with our clients. I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and your team to explore custom solutions to help you build lasting, positive results. Let's meet and take that first small step towards a future to be realized - together."

Todd Weinstein

Todd Weinstein, ACC, MS, PHR

Founder and Principal

Gavia Partners, LLC